Membership structures


As outlined in the PAN constitution, there are different kinds of memberships.

Full members:

Full members must have at least an Honours degree or an equivalent qualification in psychology, industrial Psychology or Educational Psychology.

Annual Fee: N$ 700.00 (Payable before end of February each year)

Associate members

Associate members must have at least a B.A. degree with Psychology as a third year subject, or an equivalent qualification.

Annual Fee: N$350.00 (Payable before end of February each year)

Student members

Students may join the Association. They must be registered as students in psychology or Industrial Psychology at a recognised university.

Annual Fee: N$ 350.00 (Payable before end of February each year)

Emeritus members

Full members of the Association may upon retirement apply to the Association for emeritus membership. Emeritus members shall be exempted from paying the subscription fee and may enjoy life-long claim to all the rights and privileges of full members.

Honorary members

The Association may invite persons to become honorary members of the Association. Honorary members will be exempted from paying membership fees and will enjoy all the rights and privileges of full members.

Voting rights

Full members have two votes on any issue. Associate members have one vote on any issue. Student members have no voting rights; they do, however, receive all publications of the Association.

The History of PAN


The earliest minutes available in the archives of the Psychological Assocation of Namibia (PAN) date back to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 6 October 1987. The minutes were still conducted in Afrikaans. Continue reading

Who can join?


Ψ A person with an Honours degree, Masters degree, Doctoral degree or equivalent qualification in Psychology can apply for full membership. Continue reading