• According to the Health Professions Councils of Namibia (HPCNA) all registered health professionals are required to engage in CPD activities and accumulate 30 CEUs per 12 month period, of which at least 5 CEUs should be for ethics, human rights and medical law. Accrued CEUs for CPD activities will be valid for a period of 24 months from the date that the activity took place / ended. Health professionals should aim to accumulate a balance of 60 CEUs by the end of their second year of registration and thereafter “top up”. The requirement for compliance is to reach and MAINTAIN a level of 60 CEUs of which at least 10 CEUs should be for ethics, human rights and medical law at all times.
• Cross recognition of CEUs: If a CPD activity has been accredited by the HPCNA CPD Committee for a specific Council all health care professionals may attend that activity if it is relevant to their specific scope of practice.

• Health professionals must ensure that they are in possession of a certificate of attendance for every activity they have attended. These must be kept for at least two years so that their certificates will be available, if required, for a random compliance check.

• A record of learning activities and documents should be maintained on an official HPCNA Individual CPD Activity Record (Form CPD 1). This record should accurately reflect the individual’s CPD activities for the previous 24 months. The record needs to be submitted should the health professional be selected in the randomly selected audits.

• There are three levels of activities, those with non-measurable outcomes, those with outcomes that do not necessarily constitute a full year of earned CEUs and those associated with formally structured learning programmes. Health professionals may obtain CEUs at any level depending on personal circumstances and individual learning needs.

Ψ Level 1: non-measurable outcomes
– Small group meetings, seminars, journal clubs, breakfast meetings, congresses, short courses etc.
– CEUs are earned at 1 CEU per hour
– Daily maximum of 8 CEUs

Ψ Level 2: measurable outcomes
– Principal author of a peer reviewed publication, presenter / author of a paper / poster at a congress / refresher course, multiple choice questionnaires etc.

Ψ Level 3: formally structured learning programmes
– Formal programme that is planned and recorded, presented by an accredited training institution, evaluated by an accredited assessor with measurable outcome
– Activities include: degrees, diplomas, exit level exams, short courses etc.
– This category will earn the required CEUs for a year

ΨActivities that do not qualify for CEUs
-Time spent in planning and organising an activity
– Daily ward rounds
– Written assignments
– Compilation of student training manuals for intern use
– Staff and / or administrative meetings
– Modules / courses that form part of a formal / structured framework of a post-graduate degree, undergraduate teaching activities
– Membership of professional bodies or associations
– Meetings arranged by pharmaceutical companies / manufacturers purely for the purpose of marketing and / or promoting their products

• The HPCNA CPD Committee will be the Accreditors for planned activities. The role of the Accreditor is to review and approve applications for the provision of CPD activities by organisations and individuals without accredited service provider status, to monitor these activities and to revise CEUs allocated where the provider failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the CPD directives.

• There are two categories of service providers namely accredited service providers and service providers who are not accredited.

Ψ Accredited service providers
– These service providers, such as PAN, are accredited by the Accreditors to offer CPD activities.

Ψ Service providers for individual activities (once-off)
-These include all interested parties who are not accredited service providers but wish to present CPD activities

• An application for approval of activities for organisations and individuals (please find Form CPD 3) with all relevant documentation and other specific requirements must be submitted to the HPCNA CPD Committee. Activities can also be accredited through PAN as service provider.

Ψ For further information please contact the CPD Desk:
Tel: 061-245586
Fax: 061-271891
E-mail: cpddesk@hpcna.com.na
Website: www.hpcna.com (The website and all forms are available as from April 2011)
Health Professions Councils of Namibia, Continuing Professional Development: Directives for Health Professions 2009

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