Peer Support Comittee

PAN Peer Support Committee 


PAN is the only representative professional body of psychological and counselling services nationally in Namibia. It is committed to the development of the profession through:

Ensuring quality services to the community,
Safeguarding ethical standards,
Building professional relationships in Namibia and abroad,
Collective marketing and bargaining for new opportunities,
Better remuneration and conditions of service.

Considering the above, the aim of the PAN Peer Support Committee is to serve the development of professionalism of individual members and the profession in general. It therefore wishes to:

  • Create an ethical consciousness among its members
  • Encourage PAN members to adhere to PAN Guiding Principals
  • Encourage PAN members to adhere to the HPCNA Code of Conduct
  • Inform , guide and counsel  PAN members regarding ethical concerns

Actions and Process

Any PAN member or member of the public may contact the Peer Support Committee through the President or any member of the PAN Executive Committee.

Concerned persons are encouraged submit to the PAN President or Vice President, a written concern and evidence (should there be any) regarding the alleged unethical conduct of the/a specific practitioner.

All information and enquiries will be held and dealt with in confidence and will only be brought under the attention of the PAN President, and the three members of the Peer Support Committee.

When a specific complaint has been received, the following steps will be followed:

  1. The PAN member / professional against whom the complaint is directed will be contacted in order for information to be obtained. The aim therefore is to obtain facts and to clarify any possible misunderstandings.
  2. If, for some reason, the problem brought under the attention of the Peer Support Committee has not been addressed by the responsible practitioner within reasonable time, or if the reported and proven situation continues, a formal letter requesting corrective action will be sent to the PAN member / professional involved.
  3. If no action was taken after step 2 by the professional involved, then the PAN Peer Support committee will report the complaint and provide relevant documents to the HPCNA.
  4. Should the HPCNA find a PAN member guilty of the offence / unethical conduct, the PAN Executive Committee can decide to suspend the practitioner’s PAN membership.  Any further disciplinary actions will then be initiated by the HPCNA.

Apart from above functions, the PAN Peer Support Committee also fulfils an informative role.  PAN members can contact the Peer Support Committee regarding information and clarification pertaining to the psychology profession in Namibia, ethical issues, PAN Guiding Principles, etc.  This can function as a preventative measure amongst PAN members to minimize ethical misconduct due to being uninformed or having misunderstandings regarding such matters.

The PAN Peer Support Committee will answer such enquiries in writing within reasonable time or refer to the relevant persons or institutions who are custodians of the issue at hand.