Portfolio of the PR and Media Coordinator

Maryna Mostova

Clinical Psychologist

Maryna acquired her degree in Clinical Psychology in Ukraine in 2010.  She had worked as a nurse before she qualified as a Clinical Psychologist, then had been working with children and young adults with various psychological challenges, in public schools and private practice. She volunteered for 2 years at the Crisis Hotline for Suicidal Clients. In 2014 she was volunteering as a psychologist in a public school for children with special needs in Zambia.

In 2015 she was registered in Namibia as a Clinical Psychologist and the same year was employed by MOHSS, Windhoek Central Hospital, Mental Health Unit, where she still practices until present.  In 2018 she was accredited as an International Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP-I).

She enjoys working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She finds it rewarding to work with individuals suffering from addiction problems and variety of other Mental Health issues. Her passion lies in promoting psychological well-being among people in order to enable them improve their quality of life.



Ψ Aim: To promote psychology and the profession in the Namibian media; and to coordinate public relations activities between professions and the public.

Ψ Tasks

  1. Placing of articles in relevant magazines/newspapers.
  2. Maintaining good relations with all media forms; and establish contact with local newspapers and publishing companies (e.g. Edunews).
  3. Promotion of the profession by means of media (newspaper, radio, etc.).
  4. To draw up and maintain such a list with proper e-mails and contact details.
  5. To liaise with all psychologists regarding fields of expertise and to draw up a time-line of articles to be published – deadlines included.
  6. To publish in the media different activities regarding psychology, including workshops.
  7. Communication to other psychologists in order to receive all relevant information.
  8. Putting together working groups in accordance with the President, if required.
  9. Shall organize events and fund raising for the benefit of the association.
  10. Shall develop strategies to inform the community about the association.
  11. Shall establish and maintain contact with professional and other organizations.
  12. Gather news and information within the profession and other professions and report it to the members of PAN.
  13. Responsible for the systematic promotion of mutual understanding between the organization and its internal and external public.
  14. Putting together working groups in accordance with the President, if required.
  15. Develop, maintain and update the PAN website monthly with relevant information.