Portfolio of the Treasurer


Silke Berens

Clinical Psychologist


School Counsellor

Deutsche Hohere Privatschule (DHPS)


Ψ Aim: To manage the financial matters pertaining to PAN.

Ψ Tasks:

  1. Shall maintain all expenditures, incomes, and bank accounts of the association on a monthly basis.
  2. Collect membership fees and funding to cover expenses.
  3. Shall be responsible for holding money and expenditures that belongs to the organization.
  4. Shall report the financial statements to the members of PAN annually.
  5. Shall submit a copy of the financial statement of the association to the Executive Committee monthly.
  6. Shall be fully knowledgeable about the regulations concerning an account and shall follow the said regulations.
  7. Planning and feedback regarding finances of the organization.
  8. Budgeting.
  9. Providing statements.
  10. Handling payments and accounts.
  11. Correspondence with auditor used by the previous PAN committee.
  12. Coordinate the CPD system and administrate CPD activities.
  13. Putting together working groups in accordance with the President, if required.
  14. Coordinator of the hosting of workshops by professionals.